A Pull-Out Wall Bed Provides Comfortable Guest Accommodations

Murphy Beds Combine Hospitality with Functionality

If you need room for occasional guests, a pull-out wall bed is a simple solution. These units allow you to make a quick change from spare room to guest room. With a Murphy cabinet bed from We Organize-U, you will have a comfortable space for visitors that folds away neatly once they leave.

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You Don’t Need to Sacrifice Your Extra Space for Guests!

Spare bedrooms are often used as home offices, exercise rooms, or other purposes. However, when a guest arrives, it is challenging to transform the room back into a comfortable space. Once your visitor leaves, you have to go through the arduous process of reclaiming your space.

Installing a pull-out wall bed in your home is a smart solution for maximizing space while maintaining style and comfort. This innovative bed design effortlessly transforms any room into a multipurpose area, offering a comfortable sleeping space when needed and seamlessly folding away to reclaim valuable floor space for daily activities. This blend of practicality and simplicity makes Murphy beds an excellent investment for both convenience and home value.

Work with the Prescott Area Wall Bed Pros

At We Organize-U, we are always looking for ways to make your house more efficient and functional. Here are some reasons to consider letting us install a Murphy bed at your home.

Home Value Enhancement

Investing in a custom wall bed is not only a smart use of space but can also be a standout feature for potential buyers in the future. 

Superior Materials

Using high-quality materials in our wall beds ensures durability, providing a reliable and stylish sleeping solution for years to come.

Hometown Advantage

Crafted with pride in Yavapai County, our wall beds benefit from local expertise, reducing turnaround times for your installation.


Our design team excels at addressing your specific spatial challenges. We create custom wall beds that meet your exact requirements.

Space Efficiency

Wall beds offer the convenience of a comfortable bed at night and fold up effortlessly, freeing up valuable space.

Client-Centered Approach

We prioritize your satisfaction throughout the entire process, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Recent Reviews

Hear directly from our satisfied customers and learn how our bespoke organizational systems have enhanced their homes and lifestyles. These reviews showcase the quality and creativity of We Organize-U.

Joe DiBenedetto
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Friendly service, staff. Cabinet assembly was delivered on time and installation done cleanly and precisely. Strong, quality materials. The moveable shelves do have a stiffener attached to the rear edges that provide rigidity and these can make it a little tricky to remove or relocate the shelves due to tight spacing, but overall, I'd recommend this product and WOU cabinets
Kevin Kelly
Read More
We Organize-U installed garage cabinets and peg board in our new home in Prescott Valley. They did a fabulous job! We are more than pleased. These cabinets are sturdy, well installed and look good. We’ve had many compliments from the neighbors on them. Great staff and personable, experienced installers. We recommend We Organize-U hands down for your customized cabinetry needs.
Tony Scocozza
Read More
We Organize-U did an excellent job installing my garage cabinets and work bench! The quality of the workmanship was unsurpassed. The did an exceptional job on the special corner cabinet and peg board walls that I requested. Rocky never hesitated in going the extra mile to make everything perfect. He is a true craftsman and a perfectionists. Rebecca, in the office, was and absolute pleasure to work with.
David Hernandez
Read More
The cabinets came out exactly the way we wanted them to very happy. The timeliness of the building insulation was very nice. I would recommend them to anybody looking for cabinets in the laundry room or their closet.
Steve Hays
Read More
When I compared ready made cabinets to custom cabinets from We Organize-U, it was clear that the better value was the custom cabs from WOU. I was able to get so much more height & depth with custom, but also a better selection of colors. The quality was much better too, and they were perfectly installed
Debbie Van Hyfte
Read More
We've used We Organize-U on three occasions: they've installed sliding shelves in the lower kitchen cabinets, cabinets in the laundry room, and a brand new master closet. All of the shelving is made of quality materials, done efficiently, and usually installed early. We are extremely pleased with everything they've installed, are very happy with all of our personal interactions with the staff, and would highly recommend We Organize-U to everyone.
Carl Richardson
Read More
Prompt and professional service. Took all time necessary to choose stye, sizes and color. On time for appointment to measure. Likewise for installation. Prepared, well organized and fast installation. Finished cabinets look great and function perfectly. Quality product, on time at a competitive price. Highly recommend.
Jon Dellinger
Read More
I can't say enough good things about WOU! They have done a lot of work for me (garage cabinets, garage work area, pull-out kitchen shelves, and converting the closet in my home office to a supply closet with 10 drawers and plenty of shelf space. It is hard these days to find reliable services with hard workers and meticulous craftsmanship. That's Rocky and his team all the way!
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Be a Welcoming Host with a Wall Cabinet Bed

Unlock the full potential of your living space with our custom wall beds, designed to bring style, comfort, and unparalleled efficiency to your home. Our design consultants are ready to help you bring your vision to life. Contact us now for an in-home estimate and discover how a custom wall bed can improve your home.

Questions About Cabinet-Style Murphy Beds?

Any home improvement project like installing a wall bed is sure to inspire some questions. Here are answers to some of the common queries we receive about wall bed cabinet installation services.

Our wall bed are available in twin, full, and queen sizes depending on your needs.

You can use an existing mattress. However, our wall bed cabinets can only accommodate mattresses that are no thicker than 10 inches.

There is no way to hide a bed without it having some impact on your space. However, we design bed cabinets that match the style of your room and look like standard storage cabinets when closed.

The final cost will depend on the scope of the project. We want to make the best use of your space, so many of our wall bed cabinets include extra storage and shelving. We can determine an accurate cost once we discuss your needs at the in-home estimate.

Did We Answer Your Question?

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